Wire Cutting Machine DA500 DA600 DA800

Product discription:
Variable frequency energy-saving technology is adopted,which is more environmental-friendly and energy-saving.
When the cutting processing is ended , the sleeve will be automatically stopped at the right side , which facilitates molybdenum wire traveling.
The power supply can be automatically cut off after cutting , and it canbe automatically started after power off .
The sleeve can conduct reciprocated and single-sided cutting , so as to improve cleanliness.


Type Worktable size
Worktable Travel
Max.cut thickness
Max. Load
Molybdenum wire diameter
DA500 1160X740 800X500 500 600 30°/80mm 0.12~0.2 7926-2005 1800X1600X1850 2400
DA600 1360X844 1000X600 500 800 30°/80mm 0.12~0.2 7926-2005 2300X1900X2100 3400
DA800 1560X800 1200X800 700 1200 30°/80mm 0.12~0.2 7926-2005 2600X2050X2300 5100
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