Vertical Slotting Machine XC100 XC125

1.The working table of the machine tool is provided with three different directions of feed (longitudinal, horizontal and rotary), therefore work object go through once clamping,Several surfaces in the machine tool machining
2.Hydraulic transmission mechanism with sliding pillow reciprocating motion and hydraulic feed device for working table.
3.The sliding pillow has the same speed in every stroke, and the movement speed of the ram and the working table can be adjusted continuously.
4.Hydraulic control table have ram commutation oil for oil reversing mechanism,In addition to hydraulic and manual feed outer,Even there single motor drive vertical, horizontal and rotary fast moving.
5.Use hydraulic feed the slotting machine,Is when the work is over turning back instantaneous feed,Therefore be better than mechanical slotting machine used drum wheel feed.

Min.bolting stroke 100 125
Min.strokes 60 60
Max.strokes 350 350
Spindle shift 6step 6step
Tool holder rotation angle 90 90
Table diameter 500x200 500x200
Table travel 180x170 180x170
Motor Power 250 370
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 740x740x1650 740x740x1650
N.W/G.W 236/249 243/255
Installation size Mating T-plug indexing circle 150 150
Tool holder rotation angle 360 360
Mating T thread M12x80 M12x80
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