Profile Bending Machine W24-180 W24-260 W24-320

Product Application

The material winding machine produced by our company is specially used for crimped angle steel, channel steel, i-steel, flat steel, side steel, round steel, etc., various types of strip efficient processing equipment, and can be used for primary winding and correcting round operation procedures. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, hydropower, shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing.

The two bottom rollers of the machine are mainly the drive rollers. Three main work roll drive rollers, fixed center ritation vibrator for rotating the rollers on both sides, roller device on both sides, which is beneficial to ensure the asymmetrical part of the forming volume quality winding. The structure of the machine is advanced and reliable, small in size and function. Complete, is the current equipment at home and abroad. The machine can be equipped with advanced general-purpose or special-purpose molds, which is easy to operate and high in efficiency, and is well received by customers.

Model W24-180 W24-260 W24-320
Max.bending resistance of section modulus(cm3) 180 260 320
Bending speed(m/min) 4 4 4
Material yield limit(Mpa) 250 250 250
Angle-steel in-turn      Max. Section(mm) 150x16 160x16 18014
Min. Bending dia(mm) 2600 2600 3600
Angle-steel out-turn     Max. Section(mm) 160x16 250x25 200x18
Min. Bending dia(mm) 2000 2500 3600
Channel steel out-turn   Max. Section(mm) 32 36 40
Min. Bending dia(mm) 1500 1800 2000
Channel-steel in-turn     Max. Section(mm) 32 36 40
Min. Bending dia(mm) 1800 1800 2000
Channel-steel side-turn   Max. Section(mm) 18 20 22
Min. Bending dia(mm) 3500 4000 5000
Flat steel horizontal turn Max. Section(mm) 300x50 330x50 360x60
Min. Bending dia(mm) 1500 1900 2000
Flat steel vertical turn     Max. Section(mm) 180x30 190x40 190x50
Min. Bending dia(mm) 2000 2000 2400
Round steel bending      Max. Section(mm) 110 120 135
Min. Bending dia(mm) 1300 1350 1800
Round tube bending      Max. Section(mm) 168x8 219x8 245x8
Min. Bending dia(mm) 2000 3500 3000
Square tube bending      Max. Section(mm) 140x10 150x10 165x10
Min. Bending dia(mm) 3000 3000 3500
I steel vertical bending Max. Section(mm) 16 18 20b
Min. Bending dia(mm) 3500 4000 5000
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