Metal Craft Machines JGH-60



With continuous enlargement of markets for metalcrafts, people's appreciation for and their taste in the beautiful metal crafts have also been increasing and developing. The definitely-formed metal pieces once widely applied to processing the metal craft products can no longer meet people's need for house furnishing, furniture ornament and city beautification. Having noticed this situation, our company has, all by ourselves, devised and developed this peerless machine of JGH-60 Metal Craft Pattern-Roller. With the rollers, a wide variety of patterns and designs can be easily gained by rolling on the shaped metal stocks in definite sizes. With the metal crafts made of these processed stocks with the rolled patterns on, peoples aesthetical taste in the metal craft products will thus be sufficiently satisfied.




Dimensions of the
Stocds to be Processed

Rotation Speed of The Main Shaft


Flat Steel

60 ×10

0~40 r/min
Note: Always chose and use the right
shaft speed in accordance with the sizes
of the stocks to be worked on.(See
Attachment 7 for the positive connection
between rotation speed of the main
shaft and frequency.)

Square Steel

30 ×30

Steel Pipe

100 × 50

Round Steel

φ 8  - φ 20

Decelerator for Cycloidal

380V \50HZ/Power of motor:7.5KW./ Synchronous
Speed of rotation:1500rpm./Output Rotation speed
of Main Shaft:35rpm./Gear Ratio:1:43.

Net Weight (kg)


NOTE: Three sets of pattern-rolling
wheels are attached to your machine
(For flat steel, square steel and rectangular
pipe).Other rolling-wheels produced by
us for various patterns are available for
your option.

Gross Weight (kg)


External dimension(mm)(L)

1636 ×990 ×1330



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