Discount Price Round Bending Machines - Universal Lathe C0632A×750 – Hoton

1. Precision ground hardened bedways
2.  The spindle is supported wish precision roller bearings
3.  Headstock gears are made of high quality steel, ground and hardened
4. Removable gap is provided for larger diameter work
5. Easy operation speed change levers
6. Spindle speed range 70~2000r/min
7.  Two different length beds are available
8.  Easy operating gear box has various feeds and thread cutting function
9.  D1-4 camlock spindle nose






Swing over bed 330mm(13") 360mm(14") 358mm(14")
Swing over cross slide 198mm(7-25/32") 224mm(8-13/16") 223mm(8-25/32")
Swing in gap diameter 476mm(18-3/4") 502mm(19-3/4") 502mm(19-3/4")
Swing in length 210mm(8-1/4") 210mm(8-1/4") 210mm(8-1/4")
Center height 166mm(6-1/2") 179mm(7") 179mm(7")
Admits between 750mm(30") 1000mm(40") 750mm(30") 1000mm(40") 
Bed width 187mm(7-3/8") 187mm(7-3/8") 187mm(7-3/8")
Bed length 1405mm(55-5/16") 1655mm(65-1/8") 1405mm(55-5/16") 1655mm(65-1/8") 
Bed height 290mm(11- 13/32") 290mm(11- 13/32") 290mm(11- 13/32")
Spindle bore 38mm(1-1/2") 38mm(1-1/2") 38mm(1-1/2")
Spindle nose D1-4" D1-4" D1-4"
Taper in nose MT NO.5 MT NO.5 MT NO.5
Taper in sleeve MT NO.3 MT NO.3 MT NO.3
Speeds number 8 8 8
Range of spindle speed 70-2000 r/min 70-2000 r/min 20~450 or 135~3000r.p.m
Cross slide width 130mm(5-3/32″) 130mm(5-3/32″) 130mm(5-3/32″)
Cross slide travel 170mm(6-11/16") 170mm(6-11/16") 160mm(6-5/16")
Compound rest width 80mm(3-1/8″) 80mm(3-1/8″) 80mm(3-1/8″)
Compound rest travel 95mm(3-9/16") 95mm(3-9/16") 95mm(3-9/16")
Lead screw diameter 22mm(7/8″) 22mm(7/8″) 22mm(7/8″)
Lead screw thread 8T.P.I. or 3mm 8T.P.I. or 3mm 8T.P.I. or 3mm
Feed rod diameter 19mm(3/4") 19mm(3/4") 19mm(3/4")
Cutting tool max section 16mm×16mm(5/8"×5/8") 16mm×16mm(5/8"×5/8") 16mm×16mm(5/8"×5/8")
Threads imperial pitches 34 Nos.4-56 T.P.I 34 Nos.4-56 T.P.I 34 Nos.4-56 T.P.I
Threads metric pitches 26 Nos.0.4-7 M.P 26 Nos.0.4-7 M.P 26 Nos.0.4-7 M.P
Longitudinal feeds imperial 32 Nos.0.002-0.548"/Rev 32 Nos.0.002-0.548"/Rev 32 Nos.0.002-0.548"/Rev
Longitudinal feeds metric  32 Nos.0.052-0.392mm/Rev 32 Nos.0.052-0.392mm/Rev 32 Nos.0.052-0.392mm/Rev
Cross feeds imperial 32 Nos.0.007-0.0187"/Rev) 32 Nos.0.007-0.0187"/Rev 32 Nos.0.007-0.0187"/Rev
Cross feeds metric 32 Nos.0.014-0.380mm/Rev 32 Nos.0.014-0.380mm/Rev 32 Nos.0.014-0.380mm/Rev
Quill diameter 32mm(1-1/4") 32mm(1-1/4") 32mm(1-1/4")
Quill travel 100mm(3-15/16") 100mm(3-15/16") 100mm(3-15/16")
Quill taper MT NO.3 MT NO.3 MT NO.3
For main motor 2HP, 3PH or 2PH, 1PH 2HP, 3PH or 2PH, 1PH 2HP, 3PH or 2PH, 1PH

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