mill drill lathe machine G1324 G1340


1.Has the purposes of turning, drilling, milling, boring & thread-cutting
2.DC brushless motor, big torque at low speed, infinitely variable speed
3.Power-driven for table in milling
4.Cam clamping chuck
5.Lengthened table


1.Has the devices of safety interlock & an overload safety
2.Lengthened drilling/milling box, 360 degree rotation in vertical plane



Swing diameter over bed 330mm 13" 330mm 13"
Swing diameter over table 190mm 7.5" 190mm 7.5"
Distance between centers 610mm 24" 1000mm 40"
Spindle bore 28mm 1.1" 28mm 1.1"
Spindle speed (infinitely) 50-3000r/min 50-3000r/min
Longitudinal stoke 510mm 20" 890mm 35"
Cross stoke 185mm 7.3" 185mm 7.3"
Small toolpost stroke 70mm 2.75" 70mm 2.75"
Metric pitch/grade 0.35-6.5mm /24 0.35-6.5mm /24
Inch pitch/grade 7-52T.P.I/21 7-52T.P.I/21
Longitudinal feed/grade 0.067-0.5mm/r/21 0.067-0.5mm/r/21
Cross feed/grade 0.021-0.157mm/r/21 0.021-0.157mm/r/21
Milling-drilling spindle taper MT3 R8 MT3 R8
Milling-drilling shaft stroke 127mm 5" 127mm 5"
Milling-drilling box stroke 110mm 4.33" 110mm 4.33"
Table size 450x170mm 17.7"x6.7" 450x170mm 17.7"x6.7"
Drilling dia. 24mm 0.95" 24mm 0.95"
Power of motor 1.1KW 1.1KW
N.W./G.W. 300/350kg 300/380kg
Overall Dimensions of machine(L*W*H) 1325x585x1030mm 1705x585x1030mm
Case dimensions of machine(L*W*H) 1260x570x1100mm 1640x570x1100mm
Case dimensions of stand(L*W*H) left:760x450x410,right:760x 450x350mm left:760x450x410,right:760x 450x350mm
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