CNC Wire EDM Machine DK7712 DK7720 DK7725 DK7730 DK7732 DK7735

Product Description:

●High precision: imported high rigidity and high strength guide rail, double nut ball screw and machine tool are adopted, and the manufacturing process parameters are 3 ~ 5 times higher than the national standard.
●High finish: it adopts a variety of wire cutting methods and automatic wire tightening device, which can realize multiple cutting and fast wire walking machine for middle wire walking.
●Speed: DK series high-speed and high-precision power supply and new environmental protection cutting fluid independently developed by Datong railway are adopted, the processing efficiency is 2 ~ 3 times higher than that of ordinary medium wire walking, and the cutting speed can reach 400mm2 / min.

Type Worktable size
Worktable Travel
Max.cut thickness
Max. Load
Net weight
Power supply
DK7712 200x270 120X160 100 / 50 600 900X700X1250 2KW
DK7720 270x420 200x250 200 6°/80mm 100 800 1160X880X1400 2KW
DK7725 340x520 250x220 400 6-12°/80mm 200 1200 1485X1010X1700 2KW
DK7730 340x560 300x360 400 6-12°/80mm 200 1250 1485X1050X1700 2KW
DK7732 380x600 320X400 400 6-30°/80mm 300 1400 1640X1280X1700 2KW
DK7735 380X650 350X450 400 6-30°/80mm 300 1440 1660X1330X1700 2KW

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