CNC Wire Cut EDM Machine CNC540

Introduction of CNC System

  1. The system modules are connected by CAN BUS,  Modular design and high integration ensure the operation stability of system.
  2. 2.Close-loop servo system designed independently for EDM adapts various operation conditon, the minimum control precision is 1um.
  3. 3.Servo module is installed on the main engine,motor control and signal feedback lines need not connect to control system,wich greatly reduce the complexity of installation technology.
  4. 4.Special mirror machining circuit, graphite machining circuit, Low electrode loss Machining circuit.
  5. 5.Main contol module is not controled by PC, but it is designed with embedded system,wich rduce the complexity of system and ensure better stability.
  6. 6.Simple operating hand control box greatly improve efficiency and triaxial operation can be completed immediately with hand control box.
  7. 7.M818 DC servo motor, single peak waves grating ruler with 1um precision and 9 pins interface.
  8. 8.Application of SMT reduces the volume of control board and ensures the stability.
  9. 9.The system function: 2.5 axis servor discharge for circle shaking and squareness shaking, three axes linkage of space line,  helix line and taper , seamless joint of multi- motion.
  10. 10.The system developed and designed independently can be customized according to the requirement of customers.


Specification Unit CNC540
X,Y, travel size mm 500×400
Working table size mm 850×500
Z axis travel mm 300
Max.workpiece weight kg 1800
Max. electrode Weight kg 150
Distance From Electrode Plate To Worktable mm 390-690
Oil tank capacity L 800
Machine weight kg 2500
Work tank Internal Size(L*W*H) mm 1370*720*450
Electric Cabinet Parameter and Specification   AC SERVO
Max.processing current A 30
Max.processing speed mm3/min 300
Min Electrode Consumption   ≤0.1%
Optimum roughness um 0.1
Total input power kw 10





Differences between CNC and ZNC electric spark:

1. The edm X axial lateral machining is characterized by unique advantages, high mold closing accuracy and 20% higher productivity than z-axis downward machining

2. Adopt an electromechanical pole of electric spark for rough finishing, which saves the manufacturing time and cost of double electrodes, saves the trouble of finishing electrode correction and shortens the time of mold manufacturing.

3. edm in the shape of cavity machining of general pulse power, is a series of pulses to lose to the clearance, due to the complexity of gap in the situation, each pulse breakdown is not original, but late a time, so that caused the effective discharge pulse width and narrow, nearly 30% narrow pulse randomness, effective pulse width of the unsteady pulse will increase the loss of the tool electrode. The edm machine adopts a complete low-voltage pulse mode after high-voltage breakdown with equal pulse width, which is proved in practice to further reduce the loss of tool electrode, rough and even machining surface, and the loss of tool electrode end is almost zero.

4. Self-supporting knife lifting. The corrosion remover introduced in the basic principle of CNC electro discharge electro discharge machining must be removed in time to achieve the balance between production and elimination, otherwise it can not work normally and stably and affect the processing efficiency. General timing lift knife is regardless of the cavity with or without corrosion by the length of time lift. So - called self - suitable lifting knife, is the cavity of the removal of corrosion greater than the generation of discharge stability, sparks do not lift the knife; At this point, the machine will automatically lift a knife, use the working fluid suction effect to discharge the surplus corrosion, to balance or discharge more than produced when stop the knife, improve efficiency.

5.CNC triaxial edm lateral repair. This machine tool designed two kinds of side repair graphics: square and circle. And two ways: repair and no repair. The rectangular rectangle with sharp edges and sharp edges adopts the flat side repair plan, and the circular or multi-curved oval adopts the flat side repair plan. In the side repair process, the tool electrode moves into the workpiece at an Angle. At this point, the tool electrode simultaneously moves outward from the center (X direction and Y direction), from the top to the bottom (Z direction), and is automatically controlled by numerical control, namely, three-axis linkage. This kind of motion mode of electric spark machine is not easy to accumulate carbon, discharge chip and exhaust easily, will not cause draw arc, high production efficiency, even and consistent surface roughness, compared with the single-shaft translational edm processing mode, reduced labor intensity. When the X-axis cavity is processed, the X-axis can also realize triaxial lateral repair.

PS: All the working area and specifications can be customized according to your requests.


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