CNC Mini Wire Cutting Machine DT320 DT400

Product Discription:
●High precision - adopt the imported high-grade linear guideway and double nut screw lever.
●Highly polished-automatic wire tightening device.It can realize multi-cutting , slow wiring machine tool.
●Super low molybdenum wire loss , which substantially reduces the processing cost.
●New and original constant tension mechanism , tightening is not required for a long term.
●Filtration circulating system with reasonable design , convenient and practicalntelligent - input the material thickness and processing requirement , and the system will.
●Automatically generate data . Manual regulation of parameters is not required.
●Automatic power on when electricity goes on.
●Ductile iron and double tempering are adopted .
●Automatic centralized oil supply of guide rail , screw lever and sleeve , which isconvenient and durable.
●Semi-closed body tilted design , more environmental-friendly and cleaner .
●Each machine tool can leave the factory after laser positioning and detection.


Type Worktable size
Worktable Travel
Max.cut thickness
Max. Load
Molybdenum wire diameter
DT320 720X500 400X320 250 250 6°/80mm 0.12~0.2 0.001 1700X1300X1800 1800
DT400 920X600 400X630 250 300 6°/80mm 0.12~0.2 0.001 1950X1600X1900 2400
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