CNC gear hobbing machine YK3150 YK3180

1. Overview and main purpose of machine tool

Y3150 CNC gear hobbing machine uses the generating method to process various straight gears, helical gears, worm gears, small taper gears, drum gears and splines through the electronic gear box. The machine is applicable to gear processing in mining, ships, lifting machinery, metallurgy, elevators, petroleum machinery, power generation equipment, engineering machinery and other industries.

This machine tool adopts the special numerical control system of Guangzhou CNC GSK218MC-H gear hobbing machine (other imported or domestic numerical control systems can also be used according to the user's order requirements), with four-axis linkage.

This machine tool uses electronic gear box (EGB) to realize gear division and differential compensation movement, and can realize parameter programming instead of traditional transmission box and feed box, without gear division, differential and feed change gears, reducing tedious calculation and installation.

This machine tool can use multiple-head high-speed hobs for efficient and powerful gear hobbing, and the processing efficiency is 2~5 times of that of ordinary gear hobbing machines of the same specification.

This machine tool has the function of fault diagnosis, which is convenient for troubleshooting and reduces the maintenance standby time.

Because the transmission route is shortened, the transmission chain error is reduced. According to the large and small module of the processed gear, it can be fed one time or more times. Under the condition that the double-grade A hob is used, the material of the workpiece to be processed, and the process operating procedures are reasonable, its precision of finish machining can reach the level 7 accuracy of GB/T10095-2001 Precision of Involute Cylindrical Gears.

This machine tool has greater advantages than the ordinary gear hobbing machine used in the domestic market at present. First, the gear precision processed is high, which can reduce the processing of gear shaving machine; Second, the machine tool can automatically cycle processing, which not only saves time, but also one person can operate two or three machine tools at the same time, which greatly saves manpower and reduces the labor intensity of operators; Due to the direct programming operation and simple programming, in the past, the ordinary hobbing machine needed highly educated operators when processing helical and prime gears. On the four-axis gear hobbing machine, the ordinary personnel can directly input the drawing parameters. The labor level is relatively low, and the user recruitment is convenient.

Model YK3150

Max work piece diameter

With rear column 415mm

Without rear column 550mm

Max modulus


Max machining width


Min machining num. of teeth


Max. vertical travel of the tool holder


Max.swivel angle of the tool holder


Max tool loading dimensions(diameter × length) 160 ×160mm
Spindle taper Morse 5
Diameter of cutter arbor Ф22/Ф27/Ф32mm
Worktable diameter 520mm
Worktable hole 80mm
Distance between axis line of tool and worktable face 225-525mm
Distance between axis line of tool and rotary axis of worktable 30-330mm
Distance between back rest under face and worktable face 400-800mm
Max. axial string distance of tool 55mm(Manual tool shifting)
Transmission speed ratio of hob spindle 15:68
The series of spindle speed and the range of speed 40330r/min (Variable)
The ratio of speed and screw pitch of axial and radial feed transmission 1:7,10mm
Series of axial feed and feed range 0.44 mm/r(Variable)
Axial fast moving speed 20-2000mm/min,Generally no more than 500mm/min
Radial fast moving speed of the workbench  20-2000mm/minGenerally no more than 600mm/min
The ratio of transmission speed and the maximum speed of the table 1:10816 r/min
Torque and speed of spindle motor  48N.m 1500r/min
Motor torque and speed of the workbench  22N.m 1500r/min
Torque and speed of axial and radial motors 15N.m 1500r/min
Motor power and synchronous speed of hydraulic pump 1.1KW 1400r/min
Power and synchronous speed of cooling pump motor  0.75 KW 1390r/min
Net weight  5500kg
Dimension size(L × W × H) 3570×2235×2240mm

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