CNC EDM wire cutting machine DK7732HC DK7740HC DK7750HC

Product Discription:
●Add the fifth axis on the basis of X , Y , U . V axis . To achieve the workpiece rotation cutting processing.
●Standard electronic hand wheel control , user-friendly adjustment and operation.

Reciprocating wire type
●The use of frequency converter to achieve wire speed stepless adjustment , to achieve smooth operation with low noise.
●Run wire using PLC control to achieve variable stroke reciprocating wire , forward and reverse travel to any set.
●Realize non-stripe cutting , improve the surface machining quality of workpiece.


Type Unit DK7732HC DK7740HC DK7750HC
Work table mm 370X610 480x720 580X880
Travel of X/Y Axis mm 300X400 400X500 500x600
Max. cut thickness of Z axis mm 300 300 350
Travel of U/V Axis 60x60
Diameter of Mo.wire mm Molybdenum wire Ø0.12-0.18
Wire speed 7seps
Taper angle/workpiece thickness °/mm 3°/60mm
Process accurary(vertical) mm Multi-cut 10x10x30    Squire≤0.006
One cut≤0.012        Octagon≤0.009
Process roughness μm Multi-cut:Ra≤1.2   One cut: Ra≤2.5
Motor drive system Stepper motor (Option:Servo motor)
Screw/Guides (X,Y) Precision ball screw/linear Motion guides
Wire tension Precision spring automatic tensioning
Working fluid/capacity L Complex or water-dissovie special coolant/65L
Power supply kw 2
Max. load weight kg 300 400 500
Net weight kg 1900 2200 2500
Dimensions mm 1800x1150x2120 1950x1350x2150 2100x1500x2300

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