2017 New Style Brake Lathe - MR-13A drill bit grinder – Hoton

Product Description

1.Grinding is accurate and rapid, easy operation with no skill to grind.
2.Economical price that greatly reduces the cost and improves the use effect.
3.With diamond grinding wheel, it can be equipped directly with an accurate angle and long service life.
4.The electrically controlled and powerful DC motor: stable frequency, strong horsepower and long service life.
5.Bearing shaft and locking unit.
6.The machine is set up with the function of adjusting a point (central point) size, which can effectively coordinate with the material of drill hole and the rotation speed. It can control the quality precision and prolong the service life of the drill bit.



Model MR-13A 
Grinding Range Φ2-Φ13(Φ15)
Point Angle 95°(90°)~135°
Power AC220V
Motor 120W
Speed 4400rpm
Dimension 32*18*19
Weight 10kg
Standard Equipment Grinding wheel :CBN (for HSS)×1
Eleven collets: Φ3,Φ4,Φ5,Φ6,Φ7,Φ8,Φ9,Φ10,Φ11,Φ12,Φ13
Collet chuck:(Φ2-Φ14)×1
Option Equipment Grinding wheel :SD (for Carbide)
Collets: Φ2,Φ2.5,Φ3.5,Φ4.5,Φ5.5,Φ14,Φ15
Collet chuck:Φ15
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